Pirate Party Ad Campaign, on YouPorn

The Austrian Pirate Party (PPÖ) is currently using a few prominent Austrian politicians to generate some attention for them prior to elections in Upper Austria and Vienna as well as AKVorrat’s campaign against the Staatsschutzgesetz1. But that’s not what’s funny about it. They decided to go ahead and get the ads placed on popular video streaming sites on the PornHub network, most prominently on YouPorn.

First ad of the campaign; shows Minister of Interior Johanna Mikl-Leitner with the text "Johanna wants to watch you!" on YouPorn

I would’ve never seen the campaign because I’m using uBlock to get rid of the ads on most pages, but after turning it off I was able to confirm that those screenshots where not fakes after a few reloads. Lo and behold, I was staring into the face of our minister of interior matters right next to videos with such descriptive titles as »Brunette beauties cum for each other« and »Horniest redhead slut in serious group anal s…«.

Second and third ad of the campaign, showing German chancellor Angela Merkl with the text "Does Mother know what you're doing there?" and Austrian chancellor Werner Fayman with the text "I can't do it if somebody's watching!"

What the first screenshot doesn’T show is that actually the ad consists of two panels, the second reading »Your privacy is important to us!«

Second panel of the first ad with the text "Your privacy is important to us".

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the second and third ads on the pages. I will do some more research later.

What really is admirable about this campaign in my eyes, is that for a budget of below 100€2, they got a lot of attention by simply placing their ads well and at a relevant spot. For the first time in what seems like ages, I even clicked an ad! Chapeau!

  1. Basically Austria is supposed to get a new intelligence service and a lot of new legislation dealing with the security of the state. Simply put it will give the state a very potent, very loosely governed secret police that’s mostly concerned with spying on Austria’s citizens. Sounds terrible, right? More information at staatsschutz.at.

  2. According to Peter Wiesinger of the Pirate Party as quoted on derStandard, it’s been 40€ for the first run of the campaign. They’re crowdfunding their ad campaign to expand to even more porn pages. They’ve already met their goal of 400€, but are continuing to take pledges.