★ 65daysofstatic – This Cat Is a Landmine

Photo Credit: 65DaysofStatic @The Wall 20110308; cc by-nc-sa postlife1976

★ 65daysofstatic – This Cat Is a Landmine

So, I’ve been listening to 65daysofstatic quite a lot lately, especially in the month prior to their live concert here in Vienna. It’s one of these timing things again. For the better part of the year, I couldn’t really stand listening to post-rock, and then, just before those guys showed up in Vienna, I manage to get through an Godspeed You! Black Emperor bootleg just fine again. Good timing, for a change.

Arguably, my favourite album by 65daysofstatic is »We Were Exploding Anyway«, as it’s one of the few albums in my music library on which every song has a five star rating that hasn’t been changed since I got it. That’s quite something, actually. But this is of an older album, »The Fall of Math«. This album was given to me by a friend, amongst others, and has stayed with me for the last few years, and holds some of my favourite 65daysofstatic songs, like »Retreat! Retreat!«, »I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood«, or »This Cat Is a Landmine«.

I’ve seen them play live at Flex, Vienna, this year. One of the highlights of 2013, concert-wise. I don’t mind the location too much—I’d rather they played at Arena, Szene, WUK or Fluc—but hey, their live show was phenomenal. I loved how everybody in the room was waiting for »Retreat! Retreat!«, how the tension kept building, until, finally, they struck the first chords of the song, and everybody just went crazy.

In the aftermath of the concert, I built a playlist from the setlist of the concert on Rdio. Enjoy.

P.S.: Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a web app, that could read setlists from setlist.fm, and make the into Rdio/Spotify/iTunes/whatever playlists? I should build that.