My Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2019.

I have, so far, read 5 of 52 books for my current reading challenge. This means I’m a little bit behind the plan. But I’ll rectify that over the next few weeks, and I expect to have time for a lot of reading in Italy. I usually read around 4–5 books when on holiday, and I’ll be spending two weeks in Tuscany this April. The books I’ve read in 2019 are a mixed bunch; some of them could be considered part of the self-help category, some are Sci-Fi, and I’m currently reading fantasy. I’ve got a big stack of books I want to read about sex, relationships, and love, so this year’s reading list is going to be a really mixed bunch indeed.

I started this year off with finishing the Icerigger series by Alan Dean Foster. It’s pretty pulpy 1970s Sci-Fi, relaxing and uncomplicated to read. Exactly what I needed to relax in January this year. In parallel to that I read Attached and Just Listen, as I was struggling with a few things a bit. Relationships are hard. I’ve got way more books like that on my reading list.

To relax a bit, I started to reread Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicle Series, and I just finished reading the first book. It’s a fun escape from the more serious parts of live.

Next up is book 2 of The Kingkiller Chronicle as well as The Bottoming Book, The New Topping Book, The 5 Love Languages, Nonviolent Communication, Finish, Slow Sex and Storm Static Sleep, just to name a few.

You can check in on my progress over on Goodreads.

Way too much to read, way too little time.