My goals for 2019

As I stood around at U4 Meidlinger Hauptsraße on the afternoon of the 31st, waiting for the buses that would replace the subway service because somewhere down the line an accident had happened, I started reflecting on what I wanted to do in 2019. I had nothing to do for fifteen, twenty minutes but waiting, and this seemed like a good exercise to get my mind out of stress mode. So, here’s the list. I’ll maybe even update it as I reach my goals.

  • Bouldering: Send 6c & 6c+ regularily
  • Bouldering: Send one 7a indoors
  • Bouldering: Send one 6b outside
  • Sport climbing: On-sight 6c, only rock counts, no indoor
  • Sport climbing: Climb outside more
  • Studies: Finish BSc
  • Studies: Final phase of MSc
  • Music: Help with the release of one EP, play the release concert
  • Music: Buy a Western Accoustic guitar and play more guitar
  • Music: Practice bass regularily again
  • Personal: Get better at falling in and out of love
  • Personal: Get better at keeping my shit together
  • Personal: Practice shibari
  • Personal: Practice photography
  • Personal: Travel
  • Burns: Kiezburn, Schönburn, Zum Brennenden Bär
  • Personal: Read 52 books
  • Sport: Start Acro-Yoga
  • Work: Be more organized
  • Work: Be more reliable
  • Work: Clearer communication

So yes, I am going to be busy. Let’s see what 2019 brings.