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Times flies, as they say. I’m pretty busy at the moment. Part of that is my own fault, part of it is that I’m just trying to get a lot of stuff done, that I’ve been putting off for far too long.

I’m in Upper Austria right now, because there’s a funeral to attend today. Then I’m going to stay either one or two more nights, to attend the Kultig talks and party tomorrow. I’ll leave for Vienna again on Friday or on Saturday. Then, there’s two pretty exciting but full weeks ahead of me: I’m going to attend as many Vienna Open 2013 talks as I can, as well as a workshop and concert by Martin Kaltenbrunner. Oh, and I’ll be visiting the opening of a nice little photo exhibition tomorrow. And so on. But now I’m going to get some coffee, and enjoy the afternoon sun here in upper Austria. It’s really nice when you look out of the window, and most of what you see is trees or heaven …

Good hunting!